Document Engineering Solutions

We believe that truly great software should free people to spend more time using their talents, and less time grinding through repetitive, redundant and often menial tasks.


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That's why Koneka provides highly-advanced Document Engineering solutions in a market populated by offerings that are focused on basic document management and offer limited automation.  

Our cloud platform is uniquely positioned due to its proprietary, patent-pending document automation and collaboration architecture.  Our "content-block" approach allows organizations to dramatically streamline the production of large, complex documents that draw on content from a variety of sources and collaborative input from multiple stakeholders.

Extensive business rules, effective collaboration, workflow, strong integration, accurate content discovery, embedded applications and intelligent document assembly clearly differentiate Koneka's Document Engineering solutions.  reDock’s Document Engineering platform is delivered as a general solution across a variety of markets, as SmartProposition© for the RFP Bid/Proposal segment, as SmartGovDocs™ for Government and as InstantRFP™ and Edilexpert© in the Legal Documents market.

Further, our cloud solution is built on Orchard©; a powerful CMS platform that facilitates rapid development of complex document-centric applications, is hosted on Microsoft Azure© to allow scale and leverages Sharepoint© for document management.



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Increased productivity

 Improved content reuse through ease of discovery

 Tighter collaboration across all stakeholders

 Automation throughout analysis, assembly and production

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Increased Revenue

 Increased capacity to bid

 Vastly improved analytics

 Improved utilization of management & billable resource

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Increased Accuracy

 Current and up-to-date content

 Rules-driven content dependencies & relationships

 Workflow-driven structure and approval processes