Document Engineering Solutions

We are document experts.


Koneka is an Ottawa-based software company with a proven track record of building great applications. For over five years, we have specialized in building applications related to document engineering.

We build enterprise-grade applications that:

  1. Automate - Easily generate complex legal, scientific or business documents

  2. Collaborate - Allow team members to work together effectively with powerful collaborative tools

  3. Validate - Ensure that content is accurate, complete 

Our SmartDocument platform leverages clause-level logic and a powerful rules engine to assemble complex legal and technical documents in seconds, and powers a variety of products, including SmartProposition® - an exciting new proposal automation platform that automates your proposals process so you can grow your sales.


Our Products


SmartProposition® helps your sales teams to quickly build accurate, tailored, and beautiful proposals so they can spend more time responding to opportunities and winning more business. more...
SmartChecklist SmartChecklist® is a standards automation platform that is designed to make it easy for authors and researchers to validate trials reporting against a variety of reporting standards. It’s easy, intuitive, and can be readily integrated with your EDMS or submissions portal. more...
Edilexpert Koneka Inc. partnered with the Quebec-based legal publishing firm Edilex Inc. to create Edilexpert: a simple, secure and flexible platform created by legal professionals to simplify and automate public service procurement and contract generation. 


We build enterprise-grade web applications.  We have a history of success solving problems relating to generating and validating documents.  We take a disciplined approach to development and ongoing support throughout the entire product life-cycle.  

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